Healthcare System Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap

The Challenge

A large Idaho healthcare client has set a vision to create a system-wide policies and changes to implement sustainability practices will bring the organization to the forefront of the industry. The organization sought to grow its sustainability program to benefit its values of cost efficiency and positive community impact.

The Solution

WSC developed a roadmap focusing on key areas of sustainability including: Energy, Waste, Water, GHG Emissions, Transportation, Supply Chain, as well as Community and Customer Wellbeing. In this roadmap covered goals, leadership, and organization, benchmarking and reporting, program development, costs, and resource requirements as well as estimated savings. Essentially many of the programs pay for themselves in savings. WSC also identified key “low hanging fruit” opportunities that would allow the client to jumpstart its sustainability program with minimal upfront costs and maximum cost savings. The roadmap will continue to at as a checklist and guide as the organization develops its sustainability programs, making a positive impact on the community, decreasing GHG emissions, and increasing profitability.